20 Best Surf Breaks – Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of our favorite caribbean destinations. We love the mix of jungle and sea and really enjoy the cuisine and culture.

There is a ton of beginner surfing in Puerto Rico.

On our last trip to Puerto Rico, our kids really wanted to surf. We took lessons with Flow Surf Lessons in the Patillas area. The best part is that we had Playa Poquelo all to ourselves!

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What are the Surf Seasons in Puerto Rico?

Surf Season

The surf season in Rincón runs from August to April, however the best waves are in December, January, and February. This is because the winter swells from the North Atlantic Ocean hit the northwestern part of the island.

It also avoids hurricane season, which runs from June to November!

Shoulder Season

The shoulder seasons in March/April and September/October are known to produce some waves, but they are inconsistent and average around 2–4 feet. The lower height is great for beginners, but the inconsistent swells makes them hard to predict.

Off Season

June to August produces almost zero swells. While you may see waves, they are not the type you want to be surfing in.

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – San Juan

Kid enjying the best beginner surfing in Puerto Rico - San Juan

Many visitors to Puerto Rico never venture far past San Juan. That is OK. Old San Juan is home to a ton of history and culture… and some great beginner surfing.

The best part is that these surfing beaches are located right by the more popular hotels.

Aviones Beach – San Juan

Aviones Beach is located right by the San Juan International Airport and only a 20-minute drive from San Juan’s city center.

Aviones has a great beach break and is best suited to intermediate or experienced surfers because of shallow water across the reef.

That being said, on calmer days it is a great spot for beginners. There are a number of surf shops providing surfing lessons for surfers of all abilities.

The waves break both left, and right, and because the beach is long, there is usually plenty of space in the lineup.

Lessons/Rentals: Spectrum Surf School

Pine Grove Beach – Isla Verde

Pine Grove Beach is located in Isla Verde, which is the island that contains the San Juan International Airport. The waves at Pine Grove are small, which is perfect for beginner surfing in Puerto Rico.

There are a number of surfing schools offering lessons and board rentals. Pine Grove is a great option if you are staying in San Juan and would like to try surfing.

Lessons/Rentals: Spectrum Surf School

Contado Beach – San Juan

The Laguna del Contado is home to a nice, small right that takes you all the way into the beach. It is also conveniently located near a bunch of resorts, hotels, and surf shops. It is another great option if you are staying in or near San Juan but would like to try surfing.

Lessons/Rentals: La Ocho Surf Shop

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – Luquillo

Luquillo is located on the northern eastern coast of Puerto Rico, about 45 minutes from San Juan. There are three well-known surfing beaches in the town, but only two of which are good for beginners.

We recommend reaching out to a surf school and following their lead on which beach is best for you. Wave conditions can change by the day, so trust the experts!

La Pared

Playa La Pared in Luqillo is a popular year-round surfing spot. The beach is located right by Luquillo’s main square, where you’ll find a great selection of kiosks with authentic Puerto Rican food.

On a good day, you can see 3-5 foot waves breaking over a nice, sandy bottom.

Lessons/Rentals: Surfing Puerto Rico Adventures 

Montones Beach

Montones Beach is in Luquillo and is accessible from most resorts and hotels in the area. It has a sandy bottom and gentle waves, making it a great option for beginner surfers.

Lessons/Rentals: Surfing Puerto Rico

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – Manati

Manati is in on the northern coast of Puerto Rico about 1.5 hours west of San Juan. It is known for some of the most stunning nature reserves in the country and is home to Los Tubos, a popular surf destination.

Los Tubos Beach

Los Tubos Beach is one of the most versatile surf spots in Puerto Rico. Swells can reach as high as 14 feet during storms and the prime surf season.

During the low tide season, waves are smaller and Los Tubos is great for beginners.

It is also known as a great snorkeling destination with diverse marine life and sea turtles. Los Tubos Beach occasionally hosts the Body Boarding Challenge competition.

Lessons/Rentals: None. You will need to rent from a shop in San Juan

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – Isabela

Walking on our way to enjoy some beginner surfing in Puerto Rico

Isabela is a region on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast, right before the coastline starts to head south. It is home to great surfing, snorkeling, beaches, and more. The abandoned Guajataca Tunnel leads to the hidden Guajataca beach.

Jobos Beach – Isabela

Jobos Beach has a sandy bottom and gentle waves, making it a great place for beginner surfers.

It has consistent swells and the beach is not a bustling tourist spot, so you should not run into the normal tourist crowds. That being said, it is popular with locals and can be very busy on summer weekends.

Lessons/Rentals: Jobos Beach Surfing

Middles Beach

Middles beach isn’t the best for beginners, but is on this list because you still need to check it out. It is home to world-class surfing and a beautiful beach. The best part is it is relatively quiet all year except with APSPR’s Corona Pro Surf Circuit comes to town.

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – Aguadilla

Aguadilla is a town on Puerto Rico’s northwester tip and is most well known for Playa Crash Boat, a popular beach with a strong surf. It is home to a number of great surf spots and is Puerto Rico’s second most popular surf town, right behind Rincón.

Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat is a popular surf spot, named after a famous accident when a large boat hit the pier and then ran up onto the beach. It is also one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

It has a consistent right that breaks off of the jetty over a sand bottom. It is easily accessible and fun for any skill level

Lessons/Rentals: PR Surf Adventures

Bridges Beach

Bridges Beach is a great break for surfers of all ability levels. It provides long, peeling rights that are fun and easy to catch. The bottom is flat rocks mixed with sand.

Lessons/Rentals: PR Surf Adventures

Surfer’s Beach

Surfer’s Beach is bordered by huge sea rocks, palm trees, and golden sand. The reef breaks are ideal for pro surfers, but it also has a side with smaller waves

We recommend hiring an instructor and having them decide which break in Aguadilla is best.

Lessons/Rentals: PR Surf Adventures

Survival Beach

Survival Beach is slightly less accessible and requires a hike from Surfer’s beach. It might not be the best surfing beach, but should definitely be on your itinerary given its unique access and beautiful views. On light surf days, you will definitely see folks out enjoying the waves coming off of the Atlantic Ocean.

Even if you don’t surf, definitely go and check out the sunsets!

Lessons/Rentals: PR Surf Adventures

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – Rincón

Beginer Surfing in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincón is located just south of Aguadilla on Puerto Rico’s western coast. It is the most well-known surf town in Puerto Rico and is home to over 40 different breaks.

Below are the best breaks for beginner surfing in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is one of the best surf spots in Rincón as long as the swells are not too big. It provides consistent waves over a nice, sandy bottom.

Lessons/Rentals: Rincón Surf School

Antonio’s Beach

Antonio’s Beach is right up the beach from Sandy Beach and is a great break for beginners and intermediate surfers. The waves are generally small, consistent, and break over a flat, friendly reef. It can get a little wild with a bigger swell.

Lessons/Rentals: Rincón Surf School

Pools Beach

Pools Beach all depends on the tide. When the tide is high, beginners can surf. However, when the tide is low, leave it to the experts. You do not want to crash on a big wave over a shallow reef!

Lessons/Rentals: Rincón Surf School

Domes Beach

Domes Beach is a pristine beach that is home to a number of surf competitions. It has surfable waves all year, and, outside the fall, is ideal for beginner surfers.

Lessons/Rentals: Domes Beach Surfing Adventures

Marias Beach

Maria’s Beach is known for its long, slow waves that are ideal for beginners.

It is part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and is stunning. It also hosts a good deal of surf contests each year.

Lessons/Rentals: Rd2Happiness

Little Malibu

Little Malibu is not generally thought of as a beginner’s surfing beach, given its zippy, hollow right that breaks over a shallow reef that is favored by advanced surfers.

That being said, there is a nice break in the marina where beginners and kids can surf small waves over a sandy bottom. It will be very clear when looking out at the sea which area is for beginners and which is for more experienced surfers!

Beginner Surfing in Puerto Rico – The South

Kids surfing on Playa Poquelo in Puerto Rico

Most people do not thing of Puerto Rico’s southern coast when they think of surfing. And for the most part they are right. That being said, if you are a beginner and are looking for a tranquil exprience, then it is the pefect spot to surf.

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Playa Inches – Patillas

Inches Beach is located in Patillas on the southern side of the island. The beach is unique because it does not have sand. Instead, it is made up of river rock, which gives the water its aqua color.

Inches Beach is not a surfing destination. There are not a lot of options for lessons or rentals. That being said, Patillas is a wonderful spot in Puerto Rico that is off of the beaten path. We visited Patillas on our last trip to Puerto Rico and loved it.

Lessons/Rentals: Flow Surf Lessons

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Playa Poquelo – Limones

Playa Poquelo is a relatively unknown beach not far from Patillas, Puerto Rico. We surfed there on our last trip because the wave conditions were not great at Inches Beach. It is a large beach with a nice, sandy bottom. It is perfect for kids and beginners.

Lessons/Rentals: Flow Surf Lessons

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