28 Best Breweries in Tucson, Arizona (and Cideries)

Enjoying one of the best breweries in Tucson - Barrio Brewing

Tucson, Arizona is located in Southern Arizona and is the second largest city behind Phoenix. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides and has a lively and growing brewery scene.

From old classics like Barrio Brewing Co. to new cideries and distilleries, it has something for everyone.

We’ve broken our list of the best craft breweries in Tucson into four sections:

  • Best Breweries in Tucson, Arizona
  • Best Cideries in Tucson, Arizona
  • Best Distilleries in Tucson, Arizona
  • Best Tap Rooms in Tucson, Arizona

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Best Breweries in Tucson, Arizona

The Beer Wall at one of the best breweries in Tucson, AZ - Pueblo Vida Brewing Company
Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

Tucson is home to a burgeoning craft beer scene. Add to that the University of Arizona college vibe and the beautiful mountains that surround the city and you have a winning combination.

We have been visiting for over 20 years and try to experience a new taproom on every trip. Our worst case scenario is we run out of time and can grab a Barioo Brewing Hipsterville Hazy IPA at the airport on our way out! This was the first beer we ever tried that was made in Tucson.

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1. Barrio Brewing Company

Barrio Brewing Company is Arizona’s oldest and 1st 100% employee-owned brewery. They are a staple in Arizona and definitely the first brewery you should stop at.

They have a full menu at their tap house in Tucson and a large variety of beers. We recommend Barrio Blonde ale, Arizona’s oldest beer.

Hipsterville Hazy is also great and is usually on tap at Sir Veza’s at the Tucson International Airport.

Address: 800 E 16th St, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 791-2739

Website: https://barriobrewing.com/

2. Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company is located in Downtown Tucson. Their taproom is housed in a beautiful building dating back to 1918.

Pueblo Vida hosts great events including rescue dog meet and greets, which seems dangerous for the dog lovers among us! There’s no wonder it is one of Arizona’s Best Breweries.

If you plan on visiting soon, be sure to check out their new Wildcat Cerveza, a University of Arizona collab or their Baseflow Pale Ale.

Address: 115 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 623-7168

Website: https://www.pueblovidabrewing.com/

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3. 1912 Brewing Company

1912 Brewing Company started out like many breweries, a dream in a garage. The difference is Alicia and Allen have turned their into a reality. We love their focus on using local ingredients when possible.

They serve 20+ beers and a variety of snacks, pizzas, and Tamales. We recommend pairing a couple tamales with El Chente, their Mexican Lager or Ta Weno, their Mexican Amber.

Address: 2045 Forbes Blvd Ste 105, Tucson, AZ 85745

Phone: (520) 256-4851

Website: https://1912brewing.com/

4. MotoSonora Brewing Company

MotoSonora is one of the more unique Tucson breweries. It offers RVers a unique blend of good beer and adventure.

They have a great taproom, dog friendly patio, and overnight accomodations for rigs smaller than 30 feet. It’s the perfect oasis on your cross country RV trip!

We recommend giving their Death IPA or 32 Valve Foreign Export Stout a try. I’m really a classic guy though, so Superleggera Italian Pilsner would really be my favorite.

Address: 1015 S Park Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 416-6686

Website: https://motosonora.com/

5. Dragoon Brewing Company

Dragoon focuses takes a quality-first approach. They brew on average 30 beers each year, but only keep 11 on tap at any one time. They have strict quality standards that ensure a good pour each time.

Dragoon IPA and Dragoon Pils are local cult classics. They had an Arizona Women’s Collab (Mexican Lager) on tap on our last trip to Tucson which is our kind of beer!

This would be our local watering hole if we lived in town. Happy Hour here we come!

Address: 1859 W Grant Rd #111, Tucson, AZ 85745

Phone: (520) 329-3606

Website: https://dragoonbrewing.com/

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6. Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

Crooked Tooth Brewing is located in Downtown Tucson and takes its inspiration for everything in the region. We love their balance and brews classes. We met one of our good friends back in Minneapolis randomly at a beer and yoga even and have never looked back.

If yoga isn’t your thing, check out their movie-themed trivia nights!

Address: 228 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 444-5305

Website: https://www.facebook.com/crookedtoothbrewing/

7. Borderlands Brewing Company

Borderland Brewing operates TWO taprooms, the Sam Hughes Taproom on E 6th Street and the Downtown Taproom on E Toole Avenue.

Both have plenty of space, outdoor seating, and great food. The Downtown location has a huge patio that often has lie music.

Address: 119 E Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 261-8773

Website: https://www.borderlandsbrewing.com/

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8. Firetruck Brewing Company

Firetruck Brewing Company has three locations: Midtown, Eastside, and Oro Valley. All have a full menu and tons of great beer.

Their beer rotates through each location regularly, and they also host a number of guest taps from other local breweries. Salida del Sol is a great Mexican-style Amber Ale that is perfect on a hot summer day.

Address: 4746 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: (520) 777-9456

Website: https://firetruckbrewing.com/

9. Thunder Canyon Brewing Company

Tunder Canyon is Tucson’s longest-established local independent craft brewery and distillery. They have a great venue with a focus on supporting local artists. Add to that nightly live music and you have a clear winner.

Thunder Canyon offers a full menu, cocktails made with their spirits, and an excellent tap list. Sexi Mexi and Deep Canyon Amber are two beers that are worth trying.

Address: 220 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 396-3480

Website: https://www.thundercanyonbrewery.com/

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10. Copper Mine Brewing Company

Copper Mine Brewing Co is another home brewer success story. They have been brewing commercially since 2016 and their name pays homage to the mines around the Old Pueblo.

Address: 3455 S Palo Verde Rd #135, Tucson, AZ 85713

Phone: (520) 333-6140

Website: https://www.copperminebrewing.com/

11. Blackrock Brewers

Enjoying a beer flight at Blackrock Brewers, one of the best breweries in Tucson, Arizona.

Blackrock Brewers make delicious beer right in the heart of Tucson. They do not provide food options onsite. They have six beers of their classics on tap and another 5 rotating taps that make up seasonal or experimental brews.

Tartan 99 is an interesting Scottish Ale while Batch 42 is our preferred choice. Light and refreshing.

Address: 1664 S Research Loop # 200, Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone: (520) 207-3203

Website: blackrockbrewers.com

12. Screwbean Brewing

Screwbean doesn’t have a website, so you have to swing by to get to know them. They brought a unique combination to the market: beer and coffee. It is a coffee shop by day and a taproom by night.

I have to say, it is a creative way to make better use of the taproom space that often goes unused during the early hours.

Address: 103 N Park Ave UNIT 101, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 288-8942

Website: Screwbean Brewing Instagram

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13. Button Brew House

Button Brew House brews great beer and serves pizza by the slice and wings. If you are looking for more, they also great food truck schedule.

If you are looking for something unique in the Tucson area, their Chilitepín Red is a tasty Sonoran Spicy Red Ale is excellent and made with the Sonoran Desert’s most famous chile.

Address: 6800 N Camino Martin Suite 160, Marana, AZ 85741

Phone: (520) 268-8543

Website: https://www.buttonbrewhouse.com/

14. Corbett Brewing Company

Corbett Brewing Company serves up great beer, has a full bar, and has live music. What else is there to say? They also make some super unique beers. Kumquat Haboob Hazy anyone?

Address: 309 E 7th St, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 622-2200

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Corbettbrewingcompany/

15. Catalina Brewing Company

Catalina Brewing Company is the bikers dream. Their slogan is We Bike. We Brew. The walls are decorated with bike-related murals.

They also have arcade games, frequent food trucks, and excellent beer.

Address: 6918 N Camino Martin, Tucson, AZ 85741

Phone: (520) 329-3622

Website: http://www.catalinabrewingco.com/

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16. Dove Mountain Brewing Company

Dove Mountain is a classic brewpub with delicious food and even better beer. They have over 40 beers on tap and we love their clean and contemporary taproom decor.

We recommend heading down for Taco Tuesdays and grabbing a couple tacos and an American Light Ale.

Address: 12130 N Dove Mountain Blvd, Marana, AZ 85658

Phone: (520) 579-8999

Website: https://dovemountainbrew.com/

17. Gentle Ben’s Brewing

Gentle Ben’s began brewing in 1991, however has since moved their brewing operations to their sister site at Barrio Brewing. So while you no longer will see the magic in action, you can still get great food and a good pint!

Address: 865 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 624-4177

Website: https://gentlebens.com/

18. Harbottle Brewing Company

Harbottle brews up some great classics like Harbottle Pils as well as on-site barrel-aged sour beer. If you’re looking for some funk, then these are for you!

Address: 3820 S Palo Verde Rd #102, Tucson, AZ 85714

Phone: (520) 499-2518

Website: https://harbottlebrewingco.com/

19. Iron John’s Brewing Company

Delicious Craft Beer. Pizza. Burgers. That is Iron John’s. They started out in 2014 and have continued growing ever since. They merged with Tucson burger joint MOnkey Burger and now even offer craft coctails.

They have three locations, the 19th Street Tap Room (where there magic happens), Broadway (popular Tucson brewpub) and Juniper (their Gin focused bar).

Address: 555 E 18th St, Tucson, AZ 85701

Website: https://ironjohnsbrewing.com/

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20. Mosaic Brewing Company

Mosaic recently opened and took over the old Dillinger Brewing Company space. Compared to its peers, it is a relatively small taproom and brewing operation.

We look forward to seeing this old space come back to life!

Address: 3895 N Oracle Rd Suite A, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 207-2312

Website: https://www.mosaicbrewingaz.com/

21. Ten55 Brewing Company

Ten55 Brewing Company unfortunately closed its doors back in May of 2022. They’re surely missed.

22. Dillinger Brewing Company

Dillinger Brewing Company unfortunately closed its doors as well. You can read all about it on This is Tucson. The owners of Serieal Grillers Restaurant Group took over the space and it is now called Mosaic Brewing Co.

Best Cideries in Tucson, Arizona

The best cideries, meaderies, and breweries in Tucson, Arizona - Brille Meadery
Brillé Mead Company

Cideries are usually found in northern climates where apples grow widely, so the cidery scene in Tucson is in its infancy. You have two choices: Bawker Bawker Cider House, which is a true cidery but does now allow kids (WTF!) and Brillé Mead Company.

The latter is not technically a cidery as it uses honey instead of apples, but it is close enough.

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23. Bawker Bawker Cider House

Bawker Bawker is the first and only cidery in Tucson. They ask everyone to leave their pets and kids at home. We are a family with young kids, so unfortunately will not be stopping at there anytime soon.

Address: 400 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 222-8871

Website: https://www.bawkerbawker.com/

24. Brillé Mead Company

Brillé Mead Company is the first meadery in Tucson and only the fifth commercial meadery in all of Arizona. And they allow kids which is more up our alley.

Mead is a wine made from honey and Brillé’s is modeled after an Ethiopian dring called T’ej, which is still regarded as the country’s national drink. They add hops to the mead to help counteract the sweetness of the honey. Yum!

Address: 3895 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 477-9296

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/brille-mead-company

Best Distilleries in Tucson, Arizona

Awards won at Whiskey Del Bac, the best Distillery in Tucson, Arizona
Whiskey Del Bac

There is only one distillery in Tucson, at least that we have found. There are a couple others out in Sonoita and Willcox that are worth looking up if you are open to a drive.

25. Whiskey Del Bac

Whiskey Del Bac is the only distillery in Tucson, at least that we could find. They are best known for Dorado, their american Single Malt Whiskey.

But why try one? Stop by the distillery and help yourslef to a tour and tasting of all of their wonderful spirits.

Address: 2106 Forbes Blvd #103, Tucson, AZ 85745

Phone: (520) 628-9244

Website: https://whiskeydelbac.com/

Sugar Skull Distillery

Unfortunately, Sugar Skull Distillery has closed up shop.

Best Tap Rooms in Tucson

I love beer. My wife doesn’t. So craft breweries can sometimes be a challenge. That is why we often frequent tap rooms that offer a wide variety of drinks. OUr favorite so far is The Hoppy Vine which has beer and wine on tap!

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26. The Hoppy Vine

The Hoppy Vine is a bottle shop and tap room in Oro Valley, Arizona. It is great for beer and wine lovers and has an extensive list of beer and wine on tap. Yes, the different wines are all on tap, which was a new experience for us.

Address: 12125 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Phone: (520) 395-1215

Website: https://www.thehoppyvineov.com/

27. Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar

Ermanos serves up a curated selection of craft beer and wine paired with excellent food. It is the perfect spot if not everyone in your group is a beer lover.

Address: 220 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 445-6625

Website: ermanosbrew.com

28. Tap & Bottle

Tap and Bottle offers live music, trivia, food trucks, tasting events, and an array of craft beer, wine, spirits, and ciders. The have a little something for everyone.

They now have three locations, Tap & Bottle Downtown and Tap & Bottle North, and Tap & Bottle Westbound.

Address: 403 N 6th Ave #135, Tucson, AZ 85705

Phone: (520) 344-8999

Website: https://www.thetapandbottle.com/

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