The BEST Family Travel Dads to Follow on Instagram

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Welcome to our list of the BEST Family Travel Dads to follow on Instagram. From TravelBabbo to The FUNemployed Family, this list of Travel Instagram accounts run by dads will provide you with a fresh, and often hilarious, perspective on family travel.

Have you ever noticed that moms seem to be the only ones stepping up and running inspiring travel blogs and Instagram accounts? We get it. Moms are amazing and tend to do pretty much everything.

That being said, there are some awesome father figures on Instagram demonstrating to other dads that dad-blogging is not only cool, but good for families and good for the internet.

We wanted to showcase those dads that are stepping up and showing the world what family travel looks like from the father’s point of view.

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Travel Babbo

Eric Stoen, the dad behind Travel Babbo, is a legend in the family travel space. With close to 400,000 passionate followers, he has become one of the top travel influencers on the internet. Eric has been traveling the world with his kids since they were born and has been writing about it since 2014. We love him because of his simple and clean approach to sharing travel content. He doesn’t produce fancy reels or catchy videos, but rather takes beautiful pictures and pairs them with thoughtfully written captions. He also prefers quiet product placements, so you will not be bombarded with paid partnership posts on a daily, or even weekly basis.

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Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo) • Instagram photos and videos

The FUNemployed Family

Ben Lutz is the hilarious dad behind The FUNemployed Family. Like many of us, we lived the life of ease until the kids came along. Then the long commutes, corporate grind, and life in the burbs starts to weigh on us. The Lutz family decided to do something about it. They sold all of their earthly possessions and set off for parts unknown. They now call South Lake Tahoe home while continuing to travel as much as possible. We think you’ll love Ben’s mixture of well-placed humor and serious tips on how to travel as a family.

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The FUNemployed Family | Digital Nomad Family (@thefunemployedfamily) • Instagram photos and videos

Where The Kids Roam

If you are looking for an absolutely hilarious take on life traveling with kids, then Where The Kids Roam is your place. The amazing dad behind this account prefers to keep his name a secret, so we’ll be sure not to spill the beans here. He refers to his family travel style as a complete shitshow, which I think many of us can relate to. According to him, “Honestly, as much as we’ve done this, we’re still usually a mess.” If you are looking for a break for the sometimes irritating nature of most “c’mon, this is easy” kids travel posts, then give them a follow.

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B + C + B + R + R (@wherethekidsroam) • Instagram photos and videos


Rob Taylor and his partner Chris are the beautiful souls behind 2TravelDads: The Original LBGTQ Family Travel Blog. Their mission is to normalize non-traditional families and promote acceptance of loving, caring people no matter the family makeup. And they are killing it. Rob and Chris provide travel and parenting advice that all families could benefit from, regardless of structure. Be sure to follow their account and help us all celebrate that Love is Love.

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Rob Taylor – 2TravelDads (@2traveldads) • Instagram photos and videos


While technically run by both Caz and Craig Makepeace, ytravelblog is an account you definitely should be following that has a heavy dad influence. Craig manages their many social media platforms with an upbeat and friendly style. The Makepeace Family has been a mainstay in the family blogging realm for years, even being invited to the White House to attend a travel summit as one of the top digital travel influencers in the world in 2014. If you are looking to see how the pros do it, then make sure you follow ytravelblog!

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Makepeace Family Travel (@ytravelblog) • Instagram photos and videos

Travel Mad Dad

Shaun is the face behind Travel Mad Dad and the photographer and videographer behind Travel Mad Mum. Shaun and his family have been hopping around the globe for years, living in an RV for a while before moving to Abu Dhabi and then later Sri Lanka. Shawn’s focus is on high-quality and clean videos paired with short but captivating captions. We love that his videos are true depictions of their lives and are not cluttered with too many worlds or on-screen captions.

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Rob Taylor – 2TravelDads (@2traveldads) • Instagram photos and videos

Civil Matador & Vagabond3

Bob Broadus is the rad dad behind Civil Matador and his family travel blog Vagabond3. Bob is a firm believer in fun. He sees it everywhere… even in those frustrating parent times that seem like no fun at all! He believes that everything in life can be more fun and nowhere is that philosophy more present than on his Instagram account.

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Bob (@civilmatador) • Instagram photos and videos

From Tent To Takeoff

Yes, that’s us. While From Tent To Takeoff is definitely a team effort, much of the posting/writing is done by dad. Kristen steps in as the chief photographer, videographer, reel maker (I HATE making reels), and general do everything-er.

We hope you enjoyed this list and hope you give us a follow as well. If you this is your first time hearing of us, make sure you check out our About Us page and our Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids post to learn more!

Thanks for checking our our Top Family Travel Dads of Instagram list. If someone you love (even if it is yourself) is missing, let us know and we’ll see if we can learn to love them enough to feature them on this post!

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QUILLS | ADVENTURE FAMILY TRAVEL | MN BASED (@fromtenttotakeoff) • Instagram photos and videos

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