The Ultimate Guide to Canoa Hills Trails Park with Kids

Hiking in Canoa Hills Park near Tucson, AZ with Mt. Wrightson in the background

Canoa Hills Trails Park is an excellent hiking location for kids and is a great place to take grandma and grandpa for a walk if you happen to be visiting them in Green Valley, AZ. The park is located in a repurposed golf course on the south end of Green Valley.

Why should you visit Canoa Hills Trails Park with your kids?

Woman hiking in Canoa Hills Trails Park with beautiful mountains in the background

It is easy! Much of the hiking around Tucson involves driving deep into canyons to access steep hiking trail. Canoa Hills Trails Park is located right off of Interstate 19 only 30 miles south of Tucson. The hikes are all relatively flat and paved, perfect for toddlers and young families. Wildlife is abundant and you are likely to see migrating birds, lizards, and tons of quail.

What do you need to know before visiting?

The park is not staffed, so you can show up whenever. The hiking paths are paved, so are wheelchair/stroller accessible. Some are a bit steep so be ready to lend a helping had if needed. There are approximately 5.5 miles of walking paths, picnic tables and benches, and beautiful views of Mount Wrightson and Elephant’s Head.

The park is right in the heart of Green Valley, so there are stores and restaurants aplenty! We are big fans of Manuel’s Restaurant for traditional Mexican food and La Vakita Meat Market for general Mexican groceries and their famous Carne Seca!

What should you do when you get to Canoa Hills Trails Park?

Hike! Because the park is in an old golf course, the paths follow a familiar pattern as they wander along the old course. The park is largely exposed to the sun, so sunscreen, hats, etc. are highly recommended! This is about as easy of a day of hiking as you could wish for. It is perfect for days where you have some activities planned but maybe need an hour or two of activity to tire everyone out. You can hike as long or as short as you would like.

Final thoughts on visiting Canoa Hills Trails Park with kids

Canoa Hills Trails Park is an easy day trip from Tucson, or even easier if you are staying in Green Valley. The hiking is all accessible, safe, and relatively flat, so perfect for kids and grandparents alike!

Please note that there is limited shaded opportunities. As a result, we would not recommend hiking here in the summer. You are better heading over to Madera Canyon during those sweltering months!

Canoa Ranch Conservation Park is also right down the road and worth a stop!

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