Hello! If you’re reading this, then we assume you are keen to work with us, which is great news.

Maybe you’re a long-time From Tent To Takeoff follower, or maybe you’ve stumbled upon our page while searching for an adventure family travel content creator to partner with.

Either way, here’s a bit more about us, our background, what sets From Tent To Takeoff apart from every other family travel blog, and most importantly, how we can help you reach a highly engaged audience of family travelers around the globe.

Who Are We

First and foremost, we’re travel content creators. We create photo, video, written and interactive content with the sole purpose of inspiring and empowering our audience to plan (and book) an adventure, purchase travel related products, and more generally to get outside and off of their beaten paths.

We’ve been blogging and creating content since 2022 and have spent much of our adult lives living and traveling overseas. Between the two of us, we have visited or lived in 64 countries, and many with our kids. We also specialize in teaching families how to explore wilderness areas, whether it is through canoe camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or hiking in the remote hills outside of Rome, Italy.

Kristen and I have unique backgrounds that enable us to provide a unique view on family travel and a highly professional experience for the brands and destinations that we work with. Kristen is an elementary school, which brings with it an incredible sense of compassion for the human condition and an ability to tell a captivating story to any audience. I am an economist and have worked in the world of wealth management for decades. I bring a unique understanding of tourism economics and traditional business skills, which add a level of professionalism that is often missing in our community.

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Our Audience

Our audience is predominantly female (70%), between 35-44, and split across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We are mom-centric!

A typical From Tent To Takeoff follower is a parent that is keen on traveling, camping, or exploring nature with his or her family. Some are experienced travelers looking for tips, tricks, gear, and unique destinations. Others are new to family exploration and are just looking for that extra push to try something new. All are excited to hear about new destinations, unique products, and ways they can find new experiences as a family.

How can we work together?

How are we different?

Here are a couple of key differentiators that sets From Tent To Takeoff apart from the hundreds of other family travel bloggers in the market.


As we like to joke, we are a completely normal family trying, but often failing, to achieve the extraordinary! We’ve dedicated our efforts to creating an engaged and active follower-base of real families looking for real inspiration. Our content is an accurate depiction of our life and what it can look like to camp, hike, and travel the world with kids. This means that when we rave about something, we truly love it and our audience knows they should listen.


We are not recreating the same experience at Disney or popular water parks that dot every American city. We have spent our entire lives exploring the unknown, whether it be the backwoods of Northern Minnesota, the fjords of Norway, or the jungles of Latin America. And we do so with kids. Our children spent the first five years of their lives living overseas, have traveled to countless foreign countries, and have spent more nights sleeping in a tent than most adults. We take this experience and the trust it has built with our followers and leverage it to benefit the brands and destinations that we work with.


Let’s face it. The travel content creation industry is not known for its professionalism. We’er here to change that. From Tent To Takeoff isn’t a hobby or a way to get free trips. It is a business and a major source of our family’s income . Our decades of experience in business, economics, and education gives muse a notable advantage over many other travel bloggers who have little experience running a business and working with professional clients. We both have Master’s Degrees (Applied Economics, Education), have lived and worked overseas, and have a true passion for helping families to explore the world around them. When working with us, you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly and professionally.

Here are some of our content pillars, all focused on families:
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